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    AKC mini smooth DachshunD Puppies of Hidden Cedars 

Dachshunds come in three coat types smooth, longhair, wire and also in two sizes, miniature and standard.  A miniature in dachshunds, according to AKC, is a dog weighing under eleven pounds at one year of age.   There is no such thing as a toy dachshund, perhaps a very small mini but no such classification as toy exists, in reference to dachshunds. We have had some of our dachshunds go over the weight limit for miniatures and become “intermediates” or sometimes referred to as “tweenies” (Dachshunds between Mini and Standard, a slang term, not an AKC term). The variety of color and pattern choices make this breed even more interesting and attractive.  Patterns of color on dachshunds include dapple, double dapple, brindle, and piebald.  We raise solid red, black and tans and occasionally have brindles in smoothes only.   We have dedicated ourselves to raising and showing quality dachshunds in conformation,  the field and some of the many other activities that they do so well. This breed does not drool, slobber or smell.  These dogs are very adaptable creatures fitting well into city, country, house, apartments, indoors and love to be outside hunting.   They are wonderful pets for children, the elderly,  can be excellent guard dogs and great therapy dogs as well. With proper care a dachshund can live to be 14-17. Dachshunds are so much fun and very versatile.  Many dachshunds when properly trained can do obedience, agility, earthdog and field trials.   Hidden Cedars has dedicated our time, money and efforts to producing show quality dachshund prospects and field trial hunting prospects and we do make some available to established show homes. Hidden Cedars dachshunds also make incredible lifetime companions and pets.  Please investigate this breed to be sure it is the right dog for you and your situation BEFORE you bring one home. To contact us email  glatour@dachshundpups.com or or call 936-344-8852.  We live in Huntsville, Texas.

    Mini Dachshunds that come with a written health guarantee and are well socialized.    FROM ……..OUR……..LAP………TO ………YOURS…!..!..!

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Universal Micro chips will now be available to Hidden Cedars Dachshunds.  Those who wish to have their Hidden Cedars Dachshund puppies micro chipped will now have that option from us.  We will  micro chip your puppy for you before they leave for their lifetime home.

If you are interested in being considered as a lifetime home for any of our dachshund puppies then please take time to fill out our Potential owners form and email it to us or call with your information.




We call him Crusher…He was AWESOME at his first time at a field trial by going 2nd two days in a row..Yahoo Crusher.. he loved it.

DC Hidden Cedars Sudden Impact MS x DC Hidden Cedars Colors Outside The Lines MSB are the parents to this lovely young male.  He whelped on 4- 08-17 and is ready for his forever home now.  He is showing allot of hunting potential.  He will be available as a lifetime pet and will need to be neutered once he is at least a year old.  He has had all his core vaccines and is on heartworm preventative. Micro chipped.  If you are interested in being  considered as a lifetime home for our dogs please take your time to fill out our Potential Owners form and let us know about your experience.  CLICK HERE FOR FORM Please copy and paste to an email and send to glatour@dachshundpups.com or call 936-344-8852





Duchwoods Red Ransom x ABS FC Hidden Cedars C N Double MSPB are the parents to this red smooth female puppy.  She is available as a spayed companion pet. She was whelped on 11-20-17 and will be available at 10 weeks on 1-29-18 or after. If interested please fill out our Potential owners form and email it to me.






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 Pet Contract If you are wanting a companion pet then please take a look at our pet contract. 

  Show dog Contract  If you are an active show home and would like to talk about what Hidden Cedars may have for a show home please take a look at our Show home contract. 

To contact us email  glatour@dachshundpups.com 

or call 936-344-8852.  We live in Huntsville, Texas.


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