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These dog jackets are made out of 100% nylon on the outside and are water repellent.   They are lined with 100% polyester fleece fabric.  The dog jackets are completely washable.  Since there are no metal or plastic parts they are very safe and comfortable for your pet. They are custom made to fit your pet so measurements will need to be taken for a proper, comfortable fit.  Below are photos of the jacket and instructions on the measurements needed.  We do not take returns on Weiner Wraps as they are custom made to fit your measurements.  Be sure your measurements are correct. If you do not receive a conformation of your order in 48 hours please contact us at glatour@dachshundspups.com   again. Thank you.

 Mvc-026f.jpg (13596 bytes)Mvc-027f.jpg (14395 bytes) weinerwrapmeas.jpg (9976 bytes)You will need to measure for the length of the jacket from the base of the tail along the topline of the dog to the base of the neck, indicated as measurement #1.   The next measurement #2 is from the middle of the chest to the point of the hip in a straight line from the base of the tail, this measurement is typically 2" larger than measurement # 1.  The last measurement #3 would need to be the girth or circumference of the chest at least 1 1/2 inches from the front leg.  This measurement is for the elastic and the length of the jacket on the side. These are the only three measurements needed. These custom made Weiner Wraps are priced at $30 plus shipping, which is $5.00 for one jacket, additional shipping for more than one.  The price for the Weiner Wrap will need to be paid in full by money order or credit card before it can be shipped.  The colors that the Weiner Wrap come in are royal blue, which is shown in the photo and black for the outer color. The rest stays the same as the photo. Do not allow your pet to wear our wraps unsupervised.  They are intended for wearing for warmth and not to be worn without supervision. Please email glatour@dachshundpups.com  with your measurements for the Weiner Wrap, plus the color you want and  your name, address, phone number and the date you mailed your money order for your Weiner Wrap. Mail money order or email or call to give credit card information to Gloria LaTour 105 C Gourd Crk. Cem. Rd. Huntsville, Tx 77340. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery as they are all custom made.  If you have any questions about our Weiner Wraps please call Gloria at 936-344-8852 or email us glatour@dachshundpups.com

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