Things My Dachshunds Do

Dachshunds are a constant source of entertainment, pleasure and work in my life and I wouldn't want to be without them.  They bring me so much joy and happiness.  

DC Hidden Cedars Make Room For Me MS, aka Mimi is HUNTING toys or chews.. she got in the toy box and I had to get her out.. too funny..


They do such funny things... I make these beds for them and they have at least two all the time... As you can see I am not really sure why I have two as they all prefer to pile on one.   They of course don't ALWAYS pile on one but MOST of the time they do.  I think the record for how many dachshunds on one bed is seven..  They are always trying to break their own record..

  This is a curious activity most of my dachshunds engage in.  They EAT the dirt.  NO not grub worms or any other type of creature in the soil... they eat the soil.. they lick it and bite it and eat it.  I am not sure exactly why they do this but maybe for the minerals!!!!  I give my horses mineral blocks to lick on ........maybe I should get one for the dachshunds!!! hehehehe

Mother laying down Hidden Cedars Good Vibrations, "Karma" and Daughter foreground Hidden Cedars Naturally Just The One Ms, aka "Justeen".  Hanging out in the back yard on a sunny day.

  This is Justeen again.  She is the sweetest girl.. She sleeps with me and in the morning she never wants to get out of bed.. She has to be removed.  I think she does it cause she likes the extra hugs and toooo.